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Msians Use Buckets & Woks To Get Their Cheap Slurpee Fix

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In the present economic downturn, Malaysians are adamant to get their money’s worth on every little purchase they make, and that includes 7-Eleven Slurpee.

In conjunction with the convenient store’s 30th anniversary, 7-Eleven celebrates its milestone by having their annual BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup) Day for two days beginning 9th November, where customers could bring any type of vessel imaginable to stock up on their frozen drinks for a small fee of RM2.90.

But there is a catch: each receptacle must possess a maximum of 22-cm diameter, which inspired the customers to get their creative juices running at warp speed.

Call it ingenious or opportunistic; people from all walks of life are actually queueing up at their nearest 7-Eleven with empty containers in hand: a mini wok, 10-litre mineral water bottle, buckets and even an empty margarine tub!

To confirm the rumours, we scoured the Internet for the weirdest antics we could find, and here are some of the most brilliant, to the somewhat excessive:





The offer lasts from 7 am to 11 pm, and we’re guessing how annoying it must be for the staffs to be topping up the Slurpee syrups all the time!

And our estimations are correct. Some store staffs are posting their annoyance online on how greedy some customers are.

“People would come in with pots and buckets to get their fill of Slurpee. Do they know that the store still buys the syrups at the usual price with no discounts?”, said Facebook user and 7-Eleven employee Nadzri Shaharuddin.







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