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Move Over,Jolie!: DIY Natural Lip Plumping Recipes Using Cinnamon

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The basic theory behind most lip plumpers of the immediate-results variety is that irritating your lips makes them fuller. Inflaming your lips plumps them, but it can also be painful and aggravating, so those lip irritants get mixed with soothing, moisturizing ingredients.

Salt + Cinnamon

This home remedy can be done before going to sleep in the night. Take half a teaspoon of cinnamon and mix it with the same proportion of salt along with a tablespoon of petroleum jelly. Mix them all well together. Now take the mixture by using your finger and then rub them all over the lips, until you feel them smooth on the lips. After five minutes, wipe off the petroleum jelly from the lips. Take a lipstick brush and dip it into a fresh Beetroot juice and paint all over the lips. After waking up in the morning, take fresh petroleum jelly and apply it as a light coating on the lips. Follow this home remedy for a month and you will find your lips plumped.

Petroleum Jelly + Cinnamon

Take a tablespoon of petroleum jelly and put it in an empty jar. Add some drops of menthol, cinnamon essential oil, wintergreen and blend them all together. Now take this recipe using your finger and apply them all over your lips. Although the lips cans swell at the beginning, your lips will turn redder and plumped after few hours.

Bee’s Wax + Cinnamon

Take a tablespoon of bee’s wax and mix it with two tablespoons of petroleum jelly. Add some drops of wintergreen, cinnamon and menthol essential to it. Mix all these ingredients together. Now keep the recipe in the refrigerator and then apply them for Angelina Jolie-esque puckers!

Cayenne Pepper + Cinnamon

Take three tablespoons of petroleum jelly and add half a tablespoon of cinnamon and cayenne pepper to it in a jar. Mix these ingredients together until they get mixed up well together. Make sure to apply lip balm on your lips before applying this mixture. Take some cotton and apply this mixture using them on your lips. Do not apply to the lips if it has been cracked or dry. Start applying this recipe in small doses, so that the lips will get used to the burning sensation in the upcoming days.




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