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Mother’s Day Wishes To Every Mother Out There

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KUALA LUMPUR – As a father of three teenage children, I (Bernama Writer – Ravindran Raman Kutty) was sitting back and remininscing the day my son was born. He was the first gift my wife tendered to me.

The dazzling eyes of little prince still lingers in my mind. It was then that we became proud parents of a healthy and charming son, thus my wife became a mother and I was elevated to becoming a father.

She further endowed me with two lovely princesses whom I cannot live without.

From then on, I started feeling more deep into the veins of my parents of what it is to be a father and parent. I never missed wishing my mother with at least a rose on Mother’s Day.

Several of my friends say that every day should be Mother’s Day. I totally agree that there should be no doubt about it.

This auspicious day invokes the motherly spirit within everyone around us; mothers don’t need to be reminded – they are the ones who keep reminding us of one thing or another; in fact, we are the ones who need to be reminded to truly appreciate our mums.

Let’s make sure we tell our children how special they are to us. As a father, I dutifully remind my children that May 8th is Mother’s Day, and I’m glad to say that they too make it a point to remember this special day.

Ask anyone what is the most important day of the year is to them and you will get answers ranging from birthdays to festivals. Sadly, very few will mention Mother’s Day as the answer.

Mothers seem to be remembered only during the month of May for Mother’s Day celebrations, and perhaps with the aid of advertisements and commercials all over, there is no way anyone would forget.

Beautiful bouquets of flowers are wrapped, wonderful dinners are planned�but only for this day. It is not so much the giving of a gift or saying Happy Mother’s Day – it ought to be about truly letting mothers and wives know how much they are remembered, appreciated and cared for, a feeling that should be kept alive throughout the year.

Listening to a radio community message, I realise and also wonder that if there is one thankless job, it is our mother’s job. Although many do not consider it job, it is work, with long hours, no breaks, no holidays even if you are on a vacation, no rest even if you are sleeping and above all no pay.

Mothers are so tender yet so tough; so pretty yet so firm; so caring yet strict; so busy yet never fails to tend to a child. A mother can be starving, but never leaves her child hungry. A mother may be abused, but she never allows her offspring to be wrongly touched by anyone.

Mothers are naturally defensive, protecting their children from any predators. A mother may fall sick, but never allows her child to fall ill.

This year let’s show our mothers how much we care and love them, the differences and changes they have done to our lives, and how well we have been brought up.

Let’s show her that we have trailed the path she has paved for us, which is the right path filled with happiness, success, love, and all the aspirations and hopes that a mother has in store for every child.

Today is about Mother’s Day.

It is not just for the mothers who gave birth to us or the mothers of our children, but to all mothers out there. Do something special for her to cherish and appreciate her for her efforts, for her love, for her being herself, and most importantly to let her know that Mother’s Day is in our hearts not just on May 8th, but every other day.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mum!

(This commentary is the writer’s personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect on BERNAMA’s stand on what is said by the writer)



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