Monica Bellucci: Being Faithful Is Difficult

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MONICA Bellucci thinks it is “difficult” to be faithful because it is so hard to find a partner with every attribute a person “needs”.

The ‘Spectre’ actress who was previously married to Vincent Cassel believes people have affairs because it isn’t easy to find a partner who has all the characteristics they are looking for.

“No I don’t think so. I think it’s difficult to find the right woman for a man, to find a woman with all the characteristics that a man needs. The same thing for women. That’s why it’s so difficult to be faithful in life,” she said when asked if she agreed with Daniel Craig’s view that James Bond is “misogynistic, sexist and very lonely.

The 51 year old beauty enjoyed working with Daniel on the latest installment of the spy saga and found shooting sex scenes with him “easy”.

“What I like about Daniel is that it’s so simple, he’s a great actor, he’s very beautiful. It was easy to do scenes that would be difficult to do with someone else, where you have to get intimate with someone you don’t know, but with him it was easy,” she explained.

Monica also revealed she was previously asked to star in a Bond movie over 20 years ago but didn’t feel “ready” at the time.

“A long time ago I did a screen test for James Bond, more than 20 years ago, But I was not ready. I don’t remember the film. It was Pierce Brosnan I think he was an amazing Bond, so sweet and so kind. Violent, but in a very nice way,” she said. – Bernama