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MoH Statement – Al-Jazeera Documentary – ‘Malaysia Babies For Sale’

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KUALA LUMPUR – The Ministry of Health wishes to refer to the documentary aired
by international TV network Al-Jazeera, titled “Malaysia: Babies for Sale”,
on 25 November 2016. The Ministry takes very serious attention to the numerous
issues that have been highlighted in this documentary.

Among others, this documentary raised issues related to the professionalism and the
ethics of doctors involved in this unscrupulous practice, and the conduct of
practice in the delivery of healthcare services in the country.

All medical practitioners are expected at all times to observe proper standards
of personal behaviour in keeping with the dignity of the profession. Breach of
the outlined standards of the professional ethics, i.e. involved in human
trafficking activities, may amount to conduct that is derogatory to the
reputation of the medical profession. On the other hand, all private healthcare
facilities and services in Malaysia are controlled and regulated under the
Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 and its subsidiaries.

It is the responsibility of the healthcare facilities’ certificate / license
holders to ensure that all the practices in the centres are within the legal
ambit of any written laws in Malaysia.

On that note, the Ministry has already initiated an investigation specifically
towards the doctors and healthcare facilities highlighted in this documentary.
Depending on the result of the investigations, actions will be taken accordingly
towards the doctors and healthcare facilities. This might include disciplinary
actions by the Malaysian Medical Council, which may lead to deregistration
(struck off) of the doctor from the Medical Register under the Medical Act 1971;
revoke the certificate/license of the centres.

At the same time, the Ministry is urging the public to help curb this activity,
by being more alert and willing to come forward with the relevant information,
for further action by the relevant agencies. Thus, the participation of the
community to be hand-in-hand with the Ministry in safeguarding the patients’
safety and the quality of our healthcare system is highly appreciated to assist
in putting a stop to this dissolute activity.


Source : Ministry of Health

Name : Nor Suzaman B. Abdul Rahman
Tel : 03-8883 3470 / 013-399 7025
Email :



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