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MMU Boar: Capture Method Causes Outrage Among Netizens

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A male wild boar gatecrashed into the Multimedia University (MMU) Cyberjaya’s library yesterday, and became trapped in there for two hours where it has caused much pandemonium among the varsity’s students.

The obviously dazed and confused animal was attempted to be captured by university authorities, firemen and the Wildlife Natural Park, but late yesterday, a more disturbing image of what transpired at the MMU library began making its rounds on social media.

Uploaded here (with over 400 shares so far) and shared later by animal activist Puspa Rani, the image showed the animal lying bloodied and still on library floor. A man is seen with his foot on the animal.

This drew disdain of netizens who lashed out against the method used to capture the animal.

Sheeva D Chanthey said: “Yalah… u build university in their habitat… then where they will go… heartless fellow.”

Alice Chan commented: “Turn the library into a slaughter house?????? “, and Noor Hazimah said: “Dh tau dia sesat kenape x dtangkap hidup n lepaskn dia kt hutan je..dia pn berhak utk hidup (if you know its lost, why not capture it alive and release it into the jungle. It deserves to live too.)”


According to the NST, the incident happened at 1.30pm and quickly made its rounds on the Internet when Facebook page PenMerah [dot] com uploaded a 13-second video of the incident – which received more than 1,200 shares – at 9pm yesterday.MYNEWSHUB



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