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The Mind Of A Suicide Bomber

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PETALING JAYA – Family and loved ones are but collateral damage to Malaysian suicide bombers who have been brainwashed to carry out attacks for the Islamic State (IS).

The group of individuals whom police believe have been trained to carry out suicide attacks on local targets are already mentally prepared to sacrifice everything – at any cost.

Local terrorism expert Ahmad El-Muhammady believes that when the time comes, nothing will hold this group back from realising their final objective – least of all a sense of compassion for their countrymen.

“Based on my experiences in dealing with JI (Jemaah Islamiyah) members, they don’t care about all of that.

“Especially when they’ve reached a level where they say, ‘regardless of whether it is my mother, my father, my siblings or my relative, they are all my enemy’. Habislah (that’s the end of it),” said the lecturer from the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

Ahmad said a senior police operative recounted to him a chilling conversation he had with notorious Singaporean terrorist Mas Selamat Kastari, who was nabbed in Malaysia in 2009.

Asked if he would blow up a place if his wife and children were in it, Mas Selamat allegedly replied: “Ya. Itu rezeki dia (Yes. That is their fate).”

“That’s the mentality that they have,” Ahmad said, adding that this was the main reason why the threat of suicide attacks on home soil could not be discounted.

It is also untrue that aspiring suicide bombers need to be exposed to violence or war in order to be conditioned to commit such deadly acts, the lecturer pointed out.

“Even if our local militants have not gone there (to Syria), there will be someone who convinces them to become suicide bombers, and they will do it.”

Ahmad noted the example of Dani Dwi Permana, the 18-year-old suicide bomber responsible for the 2009 attack on the JW Marriott hotel in Jakarta.

“He (Dani) did not know anything, but was persuaded with a rosy picture of life in the hereafter,” he told The Star Online.

Ahmad said it was difficult to predict what these IS followers would do next, but he believes it is only a matter of time before they obtain the necessary funds to realise their goal.

“The problem for them now is funds. Once they get the funds, they can obtain the weapons and equipment from Syria.”

He said the arrest of 12 suspected militants in Gunung Nuang in April last year for testing bombs in the jungle is a stark reminder that the terror group’s plans had reached an advanced stage.

“They almost acquired that capability, but were thwarted by the police,” he added.

Ahmad Tarmimi
                                                                                   Ahmad Tarmimi

In 2014, Pahang-born Ahmad Tarmimi Maliki received the dubious honour of being the first Malaysian IS suicide bomber, after he drove a military vehicle filled with tonnes of explosives into the SWAT headquarters in Iraq, killing 25 soldiers and himself in the process.

Another Malaysian, Fadzly Ariff Zainal Ariff died on Sept 26 after driving a truck filled with seven tonnes of explosives towards a bridge in Buhayrat, located in Fallujah.

Fadzly was a former burger seller and had two failed attempted suicide bombings before but his explosives failed to detonate. – The Star Online


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