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MIC Branch, Division Heads Must Support BN Candidates In GE

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SHAH ALAM – MIC wants all its division and branch heads in Selangor to give their full support to Barisan Nasional (BN) candidates who are selected to stand in the coming general election.

MIC vice-president Tan Sri SA Vigneswaran (pic) said he wanted all division leaders in Selangor to accept the candidates selected by BN’s top leadership.

“I do not want issues to be created which could affect the chances of the candidates to win, I want to see Selangor BN under Tan Sri Noh Omar’s leadership get the support of the people especially the Indian community here, and I am confident BN will return as the government in Selangor,” said Vigneswaran who is also President of Dewan Negara.

He was speaking to reporters at a session between the Dewan Negara President with Community Leaders cum Deepavali celebration held here today which was attended by about 500 people.

Vigneswaran said the MIC was now in the midst of making preparations and identifying new faces as candidates in the coming GE and would take the matter up with BN President Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to be decided.

Meanwhile, on the event today, Vigneswaran said the presence of local leaders and people from various communities showed that Malaysia was a diverse and harmonious nation.

“I urge the people to continue respecting one another and not do anything which could lead to racial issues,” he said.



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