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Merdeka: Malaysians Say I’m Proud To Be A Malaysian

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KUALA LUMPUR – “I’m proud to be a Malaysian”; This is what Malaysians proudly
said in a nationwide survey on patriotism held during the run up to the 59th
independence anniversary next Wednesday.

In the same telephone survey conducted by KajiDATA Research, the 1,000
respondents from different ethnic, religious, age groups, education and income
level were also cautious of the country’s economic and security outlook.

A.Yazid Othman, KajiDATA Research’s business consultant noted that the
survey was to gauge how far Malaysians were proud of their country, their
immediate concerns and their knowledge on the independence figures and dates
through a carefully prepared set of questions and supervised by KajiDATA’s
advisor Professor Datuk Sri Dr Syed Arabi Idid.

Right from the outset the survey indicated the majority of Malaysians (77.2
percent) knew who was Malaysia’s first leader – Chief Minister Tunku Abdul
Rahman – and the year the nation achieved independence 1957 (84.3 percent).

While Malaysians have great pride over their country, respondents in Kuala
Lumpur and Kedah were not confident enough over the nation’s ability to pull
through or face any challenges in the future.

A significant number of respondents throughout the country were concerned
over national security and crime, with the fear over security being more obvious
in Pahang and Sabah.

However, the concern over economy has far reaching implications on how
Malaysians will be spending. In the next six months 71 percent of the
respondents will avoid traveling aboard, avoid purchasing new houses (81
percent), avoid purchasing new car (83 percent), and even avoid starting or
extending a family (76 percent).

Due to their concern over the economy, many are concerned over employment
availability and also will avoid changing profession (86 percent).

However, the good thing is that many of the respondents (66.8 percent) were
confident in facing the future challenges.

Based on the survey, Syed Arabi concluded that though Malaysians were proud
of their country, they have been realists as well. They know of the headwinds
the country is facing and are prepared to face the challenges.

Established in 2015, KajiDATA Research specialises in commercial and social
intelligence. Its mission is to effectively acquire and unearth actionable



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