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Men Have Larger Suicide Tendencies, Dewan Told

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KUALA LUMPUR: About 65% of the total suicide and suicide attempt cases among locals and foreigners in the country involved men.

Deputy Home Affairs Minister Tuan Masir Anak Kujat said that as of October this year, 130 cases were recorded, 84 of which involved men and 46 women.

“The figure included 34 Malays, 42 Indians, 47 Chinese and the rest (seven) of other races and ethnicities,” he said at Dewan Negara yesterday.

He was responding to a question from Senator S. Bagiam Ayem Perumal who wanted to know whether the ministry kept a database of suicide attempt cases according to race, gender and age and the action taken to prevent survivors from making further suicide attempts.

Tuan Masir said 178 suicide and suicide attempt cases were recorded in 2013, compared to 191 in 2014.

He added that the incidence of suicide in the country was due to various factors such as financial problems, depression, relationship disappointments and family problems.

In addressing suicide cases, Tuan Masir said, the police held meeting sessions, lectures and dialogues on suicide awareness and prevention as well as provided counselling or psychotherapy services to those in need of help.

“The police advised family members to pay close attention to the behaviour of their loved ones with suicidal tendencies to avoid any untoward incidents.

“The families are also advised to seek immediate counselling or psychotherapy services should they notice any change in an individual member’s behaviour such as being quiet or anxious,” he said.

In the meantime, he said, parents should provide religious and moral education for their children from a young age.

“With religious and moral education, an individual will not likely indulge in self-inflicted physical harm and will be able to control and manage his or her emotions,” he added. – Bernama


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