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Meet ‘Frankenburger’: The Burger That Costs As Much As A Semi-D House In KL

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One would imagine a burger that costs as much as a bungalow property in KL to taste to absolute opulence and luxuriously tasty, but not this burger.

Meet the burger that costs US$300,000 (RM 1,278,000) but doesn’t even taste good and contains nothing but stem cells.

It also has the honour of being the world’s first lab-grown beef burger, first unveiled in London in 2013 by Maastricht University professor Dr Mark Post.

The burger, dubbed as ‘Frankenburger’, was cooked and tasted by food critics Hanni Rutzler and Josh Schonwald, who both concluded that while the patty was close to meat, it lacked certain qualities of the real thing.


For Ruetzler, it wasn’t juicy enough and made her miss the taste of salt and pepper while Schonwald said it tasted “like an animal-protein cake”, according to reports.

The reviews are perhaps dismal for a burger that costs around US$330,000  (RM 1,405,800) to make, but its creator is confident of improving the flavour, International Business Times reported in July.

Dr Post also told Australia’s ABC News in March that if mass-produced, the price of one kilo of the beef could drop to around US$65 (RM 276.90), or US$9.10 (RM38.80) for a 140-gram patty – a dramatic decrease from US$330,000.

Till then, the Frankenburger is unlikely to be knocked off its top spot on the list of 2015’s eight most expensive burgers in the world.

The two No.2s on the list, compiled by men’s magazine Esquire, aren’t even a close competitor with a price tag of US$5,000 (RM21,300) each.


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