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MCA: Stop Misleading Non-Muslims On Hudud Implementation

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PETALING JAYA: Kota Baru MCA has told Kelantan executive councillor Datuk Anuar Tan to stop defending hudud and use the connotation ‘hudud does not affect non-Muslims’ to further mislead the people.

Its chairman Tan Ken Ken said Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders should also stop fooling the people by saying hudud will not affect non-Muslims.

“(Anuar) should just stop defending and window-dressing up hudud. (He should) not continue to mislead the people like what the PR leaders, especially those from DAP, did during the general election.

“To win over non-Muslim votes they cunningly packaged the theocratic state as a welfare state instead,” Tan said in a statement on Wednesday.

Tan said the passing of the Kelantan Syariah Enactment was largely made possible by the “silent consent” of DAP, an ally of PAS in Pakatan Rakyat.

“PAS’ true colours were revealed as soon as the election was over,” he said, citing the Kelantan state legislative assembly’s passing of the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code Enactment 1993.

PAS has proposed to table a Private Member’s Bill to increase the authority of Syariah courts.

“The hopeless DAP could not do anything to stop this but could only claim innocence and beg for people’s sympathy,” Tan added.

He said MCA will continue to defend the rights of Malaysians, both Muslims and non-Muslims, as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

He said MCA would also continue to oppose “forceful implementation of theocratic law in our multi-ethnicity and multi-religious society”.-The Star

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