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MCA: Mufti’s Kafir Remarks Can Spark IS Attacks Against Non-Muslims

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PETALING JAYA – MCA fears that the remarks by Pahang Mufti Datuk Seri Dr Abdul Rahman Osman in declaring certain groups as kafir harbi (non-believers who can be slain) could influence Islamic State (IS) symphatisers to carry out deadly attacks in the country.

Its publicity bureau chairman Datuk Chai Kim Sen (pix) said the mufti’s comments could spark a civil war and endanger those who oppose PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s proposed Syariah Court amendments.

“Holding a revered office, the Pahang Mufti should be responsible and speak wisely to his audiences, as his words can be influential to wayward Malaysians who believe that launching full scale assaults and anarchy against opponents of Hadi’s private member’s bill is to abide by the Pahang Mufti’s call to slay those deemed not abiding with Islamic principles,” Chai said in a statement, Saturday.

Chai said the expansion of Abu Sayyaf’s network in the region and IS’ recent call for open attacks in the region made Dr Abdul Rahman’s remarks all the more dangerous as it would embolden “terrorist wannabes” to launch attacks and kidnappings against non-Muslims.

“Furthermore, the use of “kafir harbi” is not appropriate as we are all Malaysian citizens of the same country, and to call for open assault against “kafir harbi” is to start a civil war against fellow citizens,” he said.

He said Dr Abdul Rahman should instead call on Malaysians to support Bukit Aman’s efforts to overcome local terrorism threats.

“The Pahang Mufti must rethink and rescind his words,” added Chai, also MCA deputy national organising secretary.

Dr Abdul Rahman was recently quoted in a Malay daily as saying parties like DAP were considered ‘kafir harbi’ as they were against the implementation of Islamic laws.

The term refers to non-Muslims who have waged war against Islam and such, killing them is justified. – The Star Online


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