Matthew McConaughey Loves Face Cream

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MATTHEW McConaughey (pic) loves face products. His ‘Interstellar’ co-star, Jessica Chastain, revealed that the 45-year-old actor shared his skincare products with her whilst they were filming the science fiction movie.

She told MTV: “He loves his face products.

“He was sharing with me on the airplane, which was nice. Little eye cream we shared. Little face.”

Meanwhile, Matthew has recently revealed that he loves to take care of his skin to prevent his face ageing, but admits it isn’t something he gets anxious about.

He previously said: “I’m not worried about ageing, but I’m not in a rush to age, either. I take care of my skin.

“My routine is kind of basic: I shower at night, then I like to have a rinse in the morning to freshen up. I don’t like gels, and use Cetaphil soap.

“Jurlique’s face wash is great and their calendula cream is thick, so it’s great at night. If I’m just going to get up and go, there’s a Kiehl’s men’s SPF15 that contains menthol. It’s not greasy and my skin soaks it up real quick. I’ll then use a serum at night, like Jurlique.”

Matthew also revealed that he doesn’t leave his health in the hands of someone else and has created his own exercise and nutrition regimes.

He explained: “I know how my body works and what it reacts to. I handle exercise and nutrition myself.

“One of my favourite things about when I first got successful was to invest in my health. I did my own research, talked with different doctors, tried different exercise routines.

“I’m not puritanical about it, though – we have pizza night on a Friday and steaks on the grill. I also believe that the pleasure of eating what you want is good for you. I know what to eat on set to keep my energy up – fish, rice and vegetables.” – Bang Media