Mass ‘Kuih Kapit’ Production Festival Fun

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SUNGAI PETANI – The billowing of smoke did not deter the enthusiasm of hundreds of participants who joined in a festival of mass production of ‘kuih kapit’ (love letters) at Dataran Amanjaya Sungai Petani here today.

Regardless of race and experience, the participants were ‘grilled’ with the challenge of preparing the traditional Chinese delicacy.

For participant T. Nivetha Devi, 25, the event provided her with the opportunity to try making the delicacy which she had previously only observed from afar.

“This is my first time making ‘kuih kapit’. It seemed hard to make, but after several attempts, I gradually enjoyed the experience,” she said.

Meanwhile, for Ng Ying Ying, 22, her first time making ‘kuih kapit’ was nostalgic as she was reminded of her grandmother who prepared the delicacy for Chinese New Year. – BERNAMA