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Masing On Tun M’s Onslaughts: “Please Give Najib More Time To Prove Himself”

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Analysts have said Malaysia will have at least 4.5% GDP growth in 2015 and higher in 2016. 4.5% is very good compared to most countries in ASEAN and is a good performance by any measure.

In fact, Malaysia just had a stellar 6% GDP growth in 2014 – and one of the highest in Asia and the world – losing out only to China. Car sales continue to break records every year

As for the currency, the RM was Asia’s best performing currency in the years 2010 and 2011 when oil prices started to climb and because oil prices dropped so greatly in 2014 and now, Malaysia’s currency has taken a beating.

However, it must be noted that it is the US Dollar that is the one appreciating strongly and not the Ringgit Malaysia that has depreciated badly. In fact, Malaysia’s currency has actually done better than a lot of other countries which have depreciated against the USD. For example, the Russian Ruble, Brazil’s Real, The South African Rand, the Euro (comprising of 20 countries), the Canadian dollar, the

Australian Dollar and the Japanese Yen have actually dropped against Ringgit Malaysia over the past year.

And since the oil prices started dropping and the Ringgit weakened, Malaysia’s trade surplus have improved strongly for the past 3 months starting from November, December and January.

It must be noted however that the Ringgit at RM3.70 to the USD is still stronger than the artificial peg of RM3.80 that Tun M put it at and still stronger than the RM4.83 all-time low before Tun M pegged the currency.

The PMO needs to justify this hire-purchase thru a private company – either because it includes maintenance or the company has been appointed as the agent and maintenance partner/reseller for the seller)

BR1M is a targeted assistance to the Rakyat who needs assistance the most instead of inefficient blanket subsidies that benefit the rich more. Direct cash transfers such as BR1M to the lower income group has been proven effective in many countries and is in place in the USA, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and dozens of other countries. It has also been proven to be an effective policy tool to help reduce income inequality by transferring more of the country’s wealth to the lower income group away from the higher income groups.

Other than abolishing bumiputra requirements for a small sub-section of services in govt procurement and also abolishing the 30% bumiputra requirement for listing of new companies on the stock exchange to encourage more listings, I don’t think PM Najib have abolished or set aside the NEP.

Majority of the NEP is still there including preference for govt tenders, Petronas procurement, discounts on housing etc.

In fact, Najib even made steps to “Memperkasakan Ekonomi Bumiputera”.

As for the Chinese voters, many were misled by DAP’s continued lies and propaganda which included the famous 40k bangladeshi ghost voters, blackouts and also by DAP’s lies that PAS will no longer implement Hudud. As more Chinese have understood that Pakatan Rakyat is no longer a stable and viable coalition and as DAP’s lies get exposed one by one, it is expected that BN will do much better in GE14 with regards to Chinese votes.

Tun M should also understand that his very public involvement with PERKASA before GE13 has also caused BN many Chinese votes. Please do refrain from doing this again if BN is expected to win back Chinese support.

It is good that Tun M is still loyal to the party but perhaps a better way to convey your unhappiness is not by making the party even weaker by continually attacking PM Najib on a personal level. Such previous attacks have proven detrimental in GE12 and UMNO lost many seats and became weaker. And please do remember that without your attacks, UMNO actually won 9 more seats in GE13 compared to GE12 – which shows that PM Najib was able to show results if he is not continually attacked by you.

No one is claiming that Tun M is Nyanok but he has had his 22 years.

PM Najib understands that the key to BN winning GE14 also includes being a PM for all Malaysians instead of PM for Melayu only. Sabah and Sarawak non-Melayu voters are also important and it is the Sabah and Sarawak seats that have helped BN remain in power.

And I end this by quoting Sarawak YB James Masing from PRS.

“Don’t interfere prematurely,” said Masing. “Please give Najib more time to prove himself.”

“After all Mahathir faced many criticisms during his 22 years as Prime Minister but in the end he managed to do a good job and prove his critics wrong.”

Likewise, he reiterated, Najib should be given sufficient time. “The Prime Minister has already ordered an audit of 1MDB. Let the Auditor-General and the Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) do their job.”

The strength of any organisation is hinged on solidarity, he warned, in recalling the Biblical saying that “a house falls from within. A house divided against itself cannot stand and must surely fall.”

“The members must stay together. Criticism within an organisation is only acceptable if it serves a purpose which will benefit it, but not to topple leaders.”-MYNEWSHUB.CC


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