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Marwan’s Demise Will Not Put a Stop to Terrorism, Experts Say

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The death of Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli Hir alias Marwan (pic) will not bring an end to terrorist activities, say experts.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has confirmed the death of Marwan on Wednesday after his DNA sample sent by the Philippine government matched with the sample from his brother Rahmat Abhir who is detained at Guantanamo Bay, Florida.

“Marwan’s death will not affect terrorist groups in the region. Other recruits are trained with the indoctrination that they are prepared to die for the faith. So if you die, there will always be someone else to take over,” said National Defence University’s Prof Dr Aruna Gopinath.

“Marwan will still be looked upon as an idol and role model among terrorist groups. Marwan’s leadership is based on the activities he has been successful in, and Marwan’s success has made him an idol in terrorist groups,” she said.

Dr Aruna, who specializes in maritime security, said that the terrifying thing is that these terrorist groups will continue to regroup despite the death of one of their leaders.

“They will continue to grow unless the Government takes very strong steps against them, like what Jordan is doing now,” said Dr Aruna.

“Worst comes to worst, we need to take military intervention to stop them ,” she added.

International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) lecturer Ahmad El-Muhammady agrees that the death of Marwan “doesn’t mean the death of terrorism”.

“He is an expert in field (of bomb making) and it is normal for him to immediately transfer the knowledge to the next generation because they know that you can die anytime,” said Ahmad.

“It is very difficult to get this expertise, and these groups want to preserve his knowledge, so he would have already trained his juniors so that there is a continuity,” he said.

Ahmad also lauds the Philippine authorities’ anti-terrorism operations.

“Marwan’s departure is a great success to the counter-terror communities in the Southeast Asian region. And I believe that the raid was a great success even though they suffered high casualties,” he said.-The Star

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