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Man Walks Out On Family And Parties Hard– As Wife And 10 Children Struggle

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A father walked out on his family after meeting another woman, leaving his wife to take care of their 10 children, aged between four to 18 on her own.

According to Singapore’s The New Paper (TNP), he incident made Rafeah Abdul Kadir, 36, gave up one of her 11 children for adoption to a relative two years ago because she could not afford to cope with the finances

Like a curse, just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, the loan sharks are knocking on her door since last year.

Irresponsible father: Mazlan Abdul parties his problems away, leaving his wife and 10 children struggling to cope.

Her husband, Mazlan Abdul, 37, apparently took out several loans using their home as the address.

The debts has now totalled up to SGD 3,200 (RM8250.76), including interest.

Then the sole breadwinner, Mazlan left without a trace, leaving trails of unpaid bills to his unemployed wife.

While Rafeah has no clue on the whereabouts of her husband, his presence online is obvious.

Mazlan and his alleged new girlfriend.

On his Facebook page, he can be seen posing for selfies with his current girlfriend, believed to be a workmate.

To make matters worse, his family’s pain clearly meant nothing to him as a photograph of Mazlan living it up at a Ladies’ Night party in Arab Street has surfaced on the club’s Facebook page.

“He goes out with his parents and girlfriend to eat at nice places. He’s clearly having a good time. What about his children? What are they supposed to eat?” said the distraught Rafeah.

Rafeah seen cradling her youngest daughter Tina, who has celebral palsy.

Their youngest daughter, Tina, suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, among other ailments and has to be tube-fed, meaning Rafeah cannot leave home to work and has to depend on the kindness of others to make ends meet.

Fortunately, the family has been getting help from several organisations, such as the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, Association of Muslim Professionals, Ministry of Education and North East Community Development Council.

In total, they get about SGD1,700 (RM 4383.22) a month along with food rations, textbooks and uniforms.

A counsellor, who has helped the family since 2010 said: “Our aim is to make sure the children remain in school. My biggest worry is what happens to the family if the flat is sold.”

The flat, which is still under Mr Mazlan’s name, has been renovated with new cupboards, beds, lights, toilets and a fresh coat of paint, thanks to Pape Engineering who found sponsors for the SGD10,000 (RM25783.63) renovation for this charity project.

Rafeah’s eldest daughter, Haliza, 17, said: “We are thankful for the assistance. Now what we have to do is just survive. My father acts like he is a rich guy with a big family when he actually has nothing.”

With their father missing, the eldest child, Nazrul, 18, has been forced to become the man of the house. With Haliza’s help, he ensures that the younger siblings bathe and eat on time before leaving for school, and also iron their siblings’ clothes.

He said: “Sometimes it’s hard playing this role. Two of my younger siblings, who miss their father, will ask about him. I just tell them that he has not returned from work. They just wouldn’t understand.”

When contacted, the heavily-tattoed Mazlan told TNP that he could not afford to pay the fortnightly maintenance of SGD500 (RM1289.18), comprising SGD300 (RM 773.51) for the family and SGD200 (RM515.67) as installment for utilities arrears.MYNEWSHUB


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