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Man Shares Same Name As Taylor Swift

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Life as a celebrity must be pretty sweet, but what is life like if you happen to have the same name as a major star?

Meet Taylor Swift.

No, not the chart-topping, serial-dating country-turned-pop extraordinaire. In fact, Taylor is a ‘he’.

The 30-year-old  freelance photographer has been receiving tonnes of mail to his address from fans who mistaken him for the pop star.


He said one man in particular sends him messages every 15 minutes about his life. He also has received more colourful submissions.

“Most fun, crazy was a guy who wanted me to write him a song about us riding his motorcycle together through the night sky,” he said.

The craziness began in 2006, when Swift said he began to get fan mail meant for the pop star. But, he said things really took off after the singer’s Kanye moment in 2009.



Since then, he said he gets constant comments when he shows someone his ID, or has to wear a nametag.

Other weird things happen to him on the regular.

“I gave a TEDx talk and was introduced as Taylor Swift…collective disappointment from the audience,” he said. “I’ve had people take photos with me and ask for autographs. I’ve been asked to leave messages on receipts for people, baristas and waitstaff playing jokes on each other.”

So does he wish he wasn’t Taylor Swift? Nah, Swift said he likes his name. And he said its been bizarre to get an “odd glimpse into stardom.”

And he’s not even that bad to look at! Swift is a lumbersexual dish himself, with his bushy beard and man-bun. Yum!

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