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Man Killed While Fishing With Modified Electric Rod

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KOTA KINABALU – A man was killed by his own “invention” while fishing at a stream near a drain in Sandakan.

The man was said to have used a makeshift electric fishing rod to fish in a drain at a squatter area near Kg. Mangkalinau on Monday evening.

He is believed to have slipped and fallen into the water.

He was last seen alive at about 6pm.

Sandakan fire and rescue chief Anddre Andrew said the man, who was identified as Kamal Siada, 41, is believed to have been electrocuted when he fell into the water with the modified rod.

“He had used electric wires to wrap around a stick and turn it into a electrical rod. There was even an on and off switch to go with it,” he said.

Such methods make it faster and easier to get fish as they would be stunned or even killed when electricity touches the water, automatically making them float.

Andrew said Kamal’s body was discovered by villagers at about 8am on Tuesday.

“The villagers pulled his body out of the drain while waiting for help to arrive,” he said.


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