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Man Cooks Deep-Fried Water

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MANILA: A man has invented something that no one probably ever dreamed of – “deep-fried water.”

Jonathan Marcus, a resident of Massachusetts, United States, was fascinated to join a convention where he cooked a tricky but useful life hack of deep-frying water into delectable crispy balls.

So, how did Marcus cook deep-fried water? First, following the science of molecular gastronomy, he used calcium alginate, a gelatinous substance produced with two ingredients – aqueous calcium chloride and aqueous sodium alginate – according to Huffington Post, which cited trendy news site Vice.

After encapsulating a small amount of water in calcium alginate, Marcus delicately dipped the ball in flour and battered egg, and coated the water ball with sumptuous bread crumbs. The balls were fried and voilà – crispy, deep-fried water balls were ready to be served.

He then sliced the coated ball and water spurted out. “That was the blandest fried thing I’ve ever tasted,” he critiqued.

The deep-fried water has similar technology applied to the Raindrop Cake, or mizu shingen mochi, an incessantly popular jelly-like mineral water dessert in Japan.

The video clip, uploaded on video-sharing site YouTube on May 24, has garnered at least 1.5 million views. – The Philippine Inquirer/Asia News Network


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