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Malique Denies Owning Social Media Accounts, Blasts Twitter Impostor

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The rift between Malique and Joe Flizzow of Too Phat is no secret.

While the two had since went on their separate ways and launching successful solo careers, it seems as if Joe hasn’t quite moved on from the break-up of their freindship.

Penning the triumphant AJL29 top award song, Apa Khabar, Joe raps about his longing for his former best friend and partner-in-crime.

Meanwhile, a tweet allegedly to be from Malique exploded the micro social media site. The post that read “Khabar baik,bro.” (I am fine,bro.”) was retweeted 5,751 times by netizens who were clearly eager to see the rap duo finally make amends and leave the past behind them.


Alas, the tweet’s authenticity was debunked by Malique himself through his label’s website. Malique also vehemently denied that he has any social media and that the tweet handle @maliQuechill was not him.


In the post, Malique clarified: “I would like to congratulate Joe Flizzow on his recent AJL win. As much as I am happy for him,I would also like to make clear that I have never endorsed any part of my presence in ‘Apa Khabar’.”

Malique also stated clearly that he would appreciate it if he is only associated with Qarma Musiq and his solo career as Malique Ibrahim.

So there you have it. So much for romanticizing the unfortunate break-up of the country’s best-selling hip hop duo.-MYNEWSHUB.CC



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