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Malaysia’s Gen Y Drawn To Online Shopping

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KUALA LUMPUR – The booming online retail sector continues to be the main choice of Malaysia’s Gen Y, a generation synonymous with being acquainted with electronic devices at a very young age.

Online shopping saves time and money, said avid online shopper, Danial Hazwan, 25, an insurance agent.

“Often, when you make a purchase online they will provide you a further unexpected discount and other incentives,” he said.

He said online shoppers also had the advantage of not being stuck in traffic, an expected occurrence during shopping trips.

Lawyer Nabila Noordin, 27, still marvelled at how convenient online shopping could be as purchased items could be sent to practically any destination in the country.

“There was one time when I was on my vacation in Penang, the browser I was using on my mobile suggested a second hand furniture store that could send any big item home to Kuala Lumpur,

“It’s like magic, but more believable. To know that the service is there is just amazing,” she said.

However, those who had not adjusted to the online shopping phenomenon may be scratching their head.

For boutique owner Remy Salleh, 33, online shopping had caused a decline in sales at his boutique which sells mostly women’s clothes.

“While I have to charge a little extra to cover expenses like rental and utility bills, online shop operators may well afford to give consumers further discounts since they’re operating from the comfort of their home,” he said.

However, Remy said he could still count on customers who preferred the “look and feel” experience before making their purchase. – BERNAMA

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