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Malaysians Avid Readers Of Breaking News – Yahoo

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KUALA LUMPUR – Smartphone users in Malaysia are avid readers of breaking news followed by local/national and international news.

In a statement today, Yahoo said key findings from Yahoo Mindshare mobile study from Malaysia found female users preferred content on travel, popular stories and fashion.

The male user’s preferences were sports and business news,” it said.

The statement also said communication and content consumption followed by entertainment and gaming were the top daily activities for Malaysian smartphone and tablet users.

The top five needs of Malaysian users fulfilled by mobile devices were led by led by staying in touch and as a morning ritual at 68 per cent each; leisure activity (66 per cent); catch up on news (63 per cent); and, information on the go (57 per cent).

The survey also found that video content consumption is hugely popular on mobile devices with regard to short and snappy bite-sized three to five minute video content for users in the mornings, while long form video content is preferred later in the day.

During the ‘prime time’ of 8pm to 11pm, users are found connected and engaging in instant messaging or chatting, play games, social networking and reading content.

Head of Insights, India & South-East Asia, Yahoo, David Jeffs said: “Malaysia is seeing a rapid growth of mobile usage, with the average user owning more than one mobile device and spending around 6.5 hours a day across devices”.

However, the study does not specify the number of respondents, their samplings and survey methodology. – BERNAMA


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