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Malaysian Law Student Dies Of Meningitis

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BUTTERWORTH – Investigations into the death of Rebecca Melissa Edward, the 22-year-old Malaysian law student in England, showed she had died from meningitis.

Rev Edward M. John said an independent pathologist informed him on Monday that his daughter had suffered from meningococcal meningitis, which is a rare but serious bacterial infection.

“The doctors say this form of meningitis affects the brain membrane and spinal cord.

“It is usually spread through sneezing or coughing.

“Rebecca was healthy when she left Malaysia for Britain on Sept 11.

“We believe she may have contracted it while in England,” he said from Newcastle yesterday.

The final-year law student of Brickfields Asia College in Kuala Lumpur arrived in England four weeks ago to pursue her law degree at the Northumbria University, Newcastle.

She died on Oct 1, after two days of fever and vomiting.

Rebecca had told her parents on Sept 29 that she had been vomiting and had a fever and that she went to the Royal Victoria Infirmary but was discharged with only fever tablets.

The next day, her housemates found her unconscious.

Rev Edward said the family was working with the authorities to get the necessary clearance to bring her remains home, hopefully by the end of the week.

He said Rebecca would be placed in a hermetically sealed coffin and flown back for a funeral service at St James Church in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, before she is buried in a family plot in Klang.

Rev Edward said he would break down each time he read Rebecca’s Facebook posting on June 17, which said: “Only my Dad would eat my sometimes burnt cake or sometimes totally uglified cake and say it’s the best cake ever. Father’s love…”-The Star


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