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‘Malaysian ISIS’ Threatens To Launch Attack…With Nora Danish’s Pic In Hand

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A group calling itself “isis malaysia 69” has announced that it would launch a series of symbolic attacks on Malaysian courthouses to demonstrate its loss of faith in the democratic system … while holding up a picture of local actress Nora Danish.

In the video released earlier today, four men in full-face ski masks gesturing what look like Molotov cocktails in front of a Malaysian flag declared that they had lost their faith in the country’s democratic system, and threatened to carry out attacks on courthouses around the country with fireworks, as a symbol of their dissatisfaction.

“To whichever party that has been in power for too long, we, the youth of Malaysia in 2015, with this announce that the result of manipulations using the democratic system. Today, we declare that we no longer believe in the democratic system,” one of the masked men said.

“You made us. We are the result of your actions. As a start, in accordance with our belief that the democratic system is broken, we will carry out a protest action against the judicial system on February 18 2015, at 11.30pm.

“We will burn fireworks at the courthouses, a symbol of how part of the democratic system has been destroyed.

“We have just begun, and we will go further. The more you erode the democratic system, the more we shall fight.”

The four masked men ended their statement by proclaiming, “F–k, F–k Democracy!”

The speaker, seated in front of the other three men, held up and seemingly reading out from the back of a photo of Nora Danish. It isn’t clear if she has any significance to isis malaysia 69’s cause.

There is also no indication if the declaration has anything to do with recent court rulings, including the dismissal of Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s appeal against his five-year prison sentence on the charge of sodomising his former aide Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Anwar began his prison term in Sungai Buloh Prison last Tuesday, to much desolation from his supporters.-KL Coconuts 


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