Malaysian-Born Pharmacist Charged For “Digital Rape” In Melbourne

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A pharmacist, originally from Malaysia, facing a charge of “digitally raping a woman,” was caught trying to flee Australia, according to Herald Sun.

Tan Kuang King had booked a one-way ticket after being interviewed by the police but was arrested at Melbourne Airport and later pleaded guilty to the offence.

Tan had allegedly assaulted a 22-year-old victim when she was picking up a prescription from the Union Pharmacy in central Melbourne. Kuang invited her into an office and asked to see her rashes, which were on her stomach, lower back and groin area.

He was charged with rape after the woman reported him to a doctor.

Tan, who had worked at a hospital in Malaysia, had told police he believed doctors often prescribed the wrong medications and as a pharmacist he should examine the patients. He claimed that he was permitted to examine, breast, buttocks and genitalia of female patients.

He has since been sentenced to six months imprisonment, 300 hours of unpaid community work and a three-year community correction order.

“It was plain that she was already distressed by the embarrassing rash that she had on herbody and then she suffered the trauma of you digitally raping her,” Judge Frances Hogan told him.

Hogan said the sentence may be regarded as “an unusual and lenient one by some for an offence as serious as rape”, but a number of factors were taken into account.

The judge explained that this was because Tan was suffering from Adjustment Disorder with anxiety and depression, had unusual social immaturity and lacked sexual knowledge.-The Star