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Malaysia Not A Failed State, Says Najib

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PUTRAJAYA – Malaysia is not a failed state as claimed by certain quarters, as several international benchmark surveys have placed Malaysia as among the top in many fields, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

While admitting that the ruling government was not perfect, he stressed that Malaysia did not qualify to be called a failed state or rogue nation based on its commitment to upholding maqasid syariah (objectives of Islamic law) in its administration.

Najib said the label and stigma were deliberately created by some media with vested interest, as though wanting to simply tarnish Malaysia’s name.

“I seek the protection of Allah SWT from such an attitude of conceit and arrogance, as we are the best country, (but) we are not perfect, and in front of our young people here, I dare say we are not a perfect government.

“In fact, I also realise that if I don’t champion new norms desired by our young generation, I could fail as a leader but I should also stress here that Malaysia is not a failed state.”

Najib said this in his keynote address titled, “Wasatiyyah Sebagai Manhaj Generasi Muda Masa Kini” (Moderation as a Way for Today’s Young Generation) at the International Wasatiyyah Seminar 2015 themed, “Islam and the Young Generation: Challenges and Hopes”, organised by Institut Wasatiyyah Malaysia (IWM), here, today. – BERNAMA


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