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Malaysia Develops World’s First Halal CSI Unit

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Malaysia is going to be the world’s first country to have a Halal CSI unit, which will be tasked with sussing out not the perpetrators of grisly murders, but to detect traces of pork DNA and other haram substances in halal-certified products.

The Halal Contamination Scene Investigation unit (note the subtle difference) is being developed for rollout by the Malaysian Technological Park (TPM), and is likely a response to the incident earlier this year where a batch of Cadbury’s chocolates were suspected of containing traces of porcine DNA.

The ensuing public outcry and debate over the Cadbury contamination case led many to question the thoroughness of the Islamic Development Department’s (Jakim) methods in overseeing halal products in the country, as well cast doubt on the practices of Syarikat Cadbury Confectionery (M) Sdn Bhd.

TPM Biotech manager Nor Amin Mohd Noor told Bernama he had drafted the idea behind the Halal CSI unit four years ago, and laid out the general methodology governing the unit’s procedures.

“We will conduct a thorough investigate to find out the source of the contamination, whether it was by sabotage, a problem in the formulation process or whether it was contaminated post-production”, he said.

“This is similar to investigating homocide cases. After forensics discover a body, they would have to conduct detailed investigation while considering several possibilities.”

“Everything has to be taken into account. Who were the driver and owner, whether the lorry has been used to transport non-halal products with porcine DNA, and whether it was properly cleaned afterwards.

“It goes down to the smallest details”, he added.

The Halal CSI unit is expected to be fully operational and on the job detecting haram substances in consumer products in five years’ time.

TPM’s Halal Science Laboratory is recognised across the region, and is an accepted authority in South Korea, Brunei and China. –BERNAMA

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