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Malaysia Airlines Flights To Auckland As Usual

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KUALA LUMPUR- There are no cancellations for Malaysia Airlines Bhd’s flights to Auckland Airport in New Zealand despite the rupture in the main pipeline carrying jet fuel there.

Malaysia Airlines in a statement said it has not cancelled any flight due to fuel rationing in Auckland between Sept 17 and 24.

“To address this issue, Malaysia Airlines (flights) will perform a technical stop in Melbourne (Australia) for refueling on its Kuala Lumpur-Auckland-Kuala Lumpur route,” the statement read.

The airline flies four times a week to Auckland.

It was reported that the pipeline, which is the main source of aviation fuel into Auckland, had been ruptured by a digger working on a farm, and acid soil was believed to have corroded it further until it failed.

Auckland Airport spokeswoman Lisa Mulitalo had said that over 40 international and domestic flights had been canceled since Saturday due to low jet fuel supplies, with other flights having been delayed or rerouted.

Operators reportedly said the company should be able to fix the pipe and have it functioning again by Sept 26 at the latest.

The pipeline also carries diesel and gasoline, although shortages have been mostly felt by airlines.

New Zealand’s military had stepped in to help by offering a naval tanker and truck drivers to transport fuel and by cancelling planned military exercises with Singapore to help preserve fuel. -NST

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