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Malays Are Told To Ponder About Their Future

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KUALA LUMPUR – Each Malay, especially Umno members, should be frank and honest in looking ahead to make preparation for the future of their children and grandchildren.

The Malays and bumiputera, who make up 67 per cent of Malaysians, must accept the fact that they are at a crossroads.

Based on the current political landscape, the race which is divided into three main political parties namely Umno, PAS and Parti Keadilan Rakyat, needs to walk on solid ground and to ponder on the declining position of their political power in the future.

The Umno General Assembly 2014, which begins today until Saturday, is the best platform for the Malays, not only the 3.5 million party members, to assess matters related to the race including Islam, education, economy and social.

Closer to the Umno assembly and that of its wings, attended by 5,739 delegates, Umno Permanent Chairman Tan Sri Badruddin Amiruldin said party members need to self-reflect, study their weaknesses and strengths as well as unite in planning something drastic to improve their position.

He said as a party that was formed to champion the cause of the race, religion and country, Umno members must always be united, contribute ideas and strive to create a credible group of secondliners so that the party will be strong and respected.

“The party’s general assembly is a platform for Umno members and the Malays to gauge themselves whether they have sacrificed enough and truly upheld the teachings of Islam, and to question what they have done to defend the religion, race and country,” he said.

Upholding the slogan of the party ‘Bersatu Bersetia Berkhidmat’ (United, Loyal and Of Service) Badruddin, who was a former elected representative for four terms, said Umno members must close ranks and remain friendly with each other to improve the weaknesses at all levels.

“The Umno assembly is a platform for the Malays to discuss issues according to the constitution. If we cannot talk here (Umno general assembly), where else can we discuss the rights of the Malays?” he said.

Badruddin, who will chair the assembly for the sixth time, reminded the delegates who would be speaking to maintain decorum and make criticism in a polite manner without bringing shame to anyone.

Frequently chosen as the Kedah representative to debate at the assembly previously, Badruddin who often chided the leaders using humour, said the delegates should not be harsh and vocal in criticising party leaders. – BERNAMA


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