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Magdalena Ogorek Could Be The Prettiest Presidential Candidate Yet

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From Egypt’s Cleopatra to Ukraine’s Yulia Tymoshenko, female leadership figures have long portrayed an exemplary reputation in holding the helm of their nations.

In Later days, Poland’s Dr. Magdalena Ogorek is set to join the political femme fatale club when she was elected as a candidate in the Polish 2015 presidential polls.

Representing the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD), the party leader, Leszek Miller, has high hopes for the unbelievably beautiful politician.

”We are confident that Dr. Magdalena Ogorek is a symbol of change, including a generational one,” Miller said.

”She is a symbol of the opening up of Polish politics to a young European generation of Polish men and women.

”She is a symbol of national unity, and not the representative or head of any of Poland’s warring tribes or political parties,” he added.

Ogorek, whose books include The Polish Templars: Myths and Reality, has worked in the past as a television presenter. She was also employed as a consultant to the National Bank of Poland from 2012 to 2014.MYNEWSHUB



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