Mafarikha Akhir, The Unintended Singer, Songwriter

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KUALA LUMPUR – Mafarikha Akhir, a singer with an immensely powerful voice who was born out of a reality TV programme ‘Vokal Bukan Sekadar Rupa’ said she had no intention to compete or participate in any contest or TV show initially.

She was not keen in watching TV and the last contest she participated in was five years before. “I had no intention of signing for any audition but one day my friends told me there was an audition for a TV show and they urged me to go but I didn’t pay much attention to that.

“My family told me the same thing so I decided to just give it a try,” Mafarikha told Bernama Lifestyle and Youth in an interview recently.

Half-heartedly, the then 19 year-old went to the audition held by the TV station. “I was there later than most candidates. The audition started at 9 am but I was there at 4pm. My heart was not there that day,” she said.

But that was five years ago. Today Mafarikha or Rikha, is very much involved in the industry, not only as a singer but also as a songwriter.

According to the singer-songwriter, she began her venture into writing songs in her teens where the songs she composed were more of a chronicle of a teenager’s trials and tribulations, whims and fancies.

“Now I write songs for TV dramas. The first song that I wrote was for singer Sharifah Zarina entitled ‘Mengharap Cinta’,” Rikha added.

‘Mengharap Cinta’ is used in a video tribute to the ill-fated MH370 flight, uploaded by Sharifah Zarina on her YouTube account under the name Zarina AlQadry in March 2014.

“One of the songs I wrote, ‘Derhaka’, received a lot of airplay in Singapore, which surprised me. The song is fairly unknown here in Malaysia, which I suspect could be due to the title and lyrics,” said Rikha.

When asked what comes first for her, songwriting or singing, Rikha said “I love both and when it comes to singing, I prefer a more relaxed, live band kind of setting. Meanwhile for writing, my target is always for TV dramas because then the songs will be easier to pick up pace.” One such song is ‘Tolong’, an original song for ‘Cerita Cinta Kita’ which starred Ariel Zafriel and Wawa Zainal.

The singer, who is managed by Cloudworks Entertainment, has also performed original songs for TV dramas and one film such as ‘Tiba’ (Fira Ayuni), ‘Pintu Hati’ (Manisnya Cinta Di Cappadocia) and another song she performed in a duet with Ronnie Hyperact, ‘Buatku Di Sana’ (Seindah Sakura).