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Madonna Says Working With Kanye West Is Like A ‘Bullfight’

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MADONNA has compared working with Kanye West to a ‘bullfight’. The Living For Love singer collaborated with the rapper on her track Illuminati, which features on her new successful album Rebel Heart, and she has hinted there were clashes in the studio with the controversial star.

She told the US version of Cosmopolitan magazine: “It’s a little bit of a bullfight, but we take turns.

“He knows that he’s walking into a room with a person with a strong point of view, and I do too.

“I listen to what he has to say, take it in, and he listens to what I say and takes it in. We didn’t agree on everything, but he has good ideas.”

Madonna performs at the 57th annual Grammy Awards, Los Angeles.
Madonna performs at the 57th annual Grammy Awards, Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, the 56-year-old pop icon – who took a stand against Instagram’s nudity ban with a raunchy picture – has hit out at the idea the music industry has become easier for women over the years.

She explained: “Don’t be fooled, not much has changed—certainly not for women.

“We still live in a very sexist society that wants to limit people.

“Since I started, I’ve had people giving me a hard time because they didn’t think you could be sexual or have sexuality or sensuality in your work and be intelligent at the same time. For me, the fight has never ended.”

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