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Low Yat Riot: Comedian Afdlin Shauki Pleads The Public To Keep Cool

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Local comedian and film director Afdlin Shauki has recorded a plea for Malaysians to stop correlating last night’s riot in Plaza Low Yat, Bukit Bintang, with racism and ethnic jibes.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, the Baik Punya Cilok director asked fellow Malaysians to remain calm and patient as police investigate the matter.

“I urge Malaysians, no matter the Malay or Chinese, to remain patient and not to make the incident in Low Yat reflect any racial issues.

“It is not a racial case, in my opinion, it’s a criminal matter,” he said in the video.

He added that Malaysians must not let their emotions get in the way of the harmony which has persisted in the country and that all Malaysians, regardless of race, were part of one big family.

“We are Malaysians, we live together Malay, Chinese, Indian, and together we are family.”

The 48-second-long video received 38,209 views and 7,059 likes on Facebook.

The brief-yet-insightful commentary,however, received many negative comments by netizens who claimed that Afdlin simply doesn’t hold a candle for his own race.

Brushing out the allegation, Afdlin urged the public to not drag the matter any further.

“We must look at the way of the Prophet. Every problem must have its solution.

“This case is the police’s concern, not ours. As Malays, we need to be patient. Follow the teachings of the Prophet,” wrote Afdlin.

Yesterday, a video of a brawl in in Low Yat Plaza went viral on social media, showing a confrontation between three Malay individuals and three Chinese staff members of a mobile phone store in the shopping complex.

Police dispersed a crowd of around 100 people which later gathered outside the mall. However, another larger crowd gathered just after midnight.

Five people were reported to have been injured in the ensuing violence.

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