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Love Your Children? Protect Them With MMR

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ACCORDING to the World Health Organization (WHO), millions of children, especially in developing countries, die each year because of infectious diseases.

If not treated properly, the illnesses could spread and lead to a higher mortality rate, said medical nurse, Noor Dzameera Dhohir.

Therefore, parents are advised to provide their children with complete immunization so that their
body can produce antibodies and sufficient protection.

“Immunization is important to fight viral dan bacterial infections, especially against measles or
chicken pox,” says Dzameera who has a wide experience as a nurse for over a decade.

Babies who are below the age of 1 and have not received the MMR (mumps measless rubella)
vaccination are usually more proned to contract this disease.

Among the symptoms of a measles-infected baby are high fevers of 38 °C and above, inflamed eyes
and reddish spots or rashes on the skin.

“As a result, babies who are infected by measles will usually feel uncomfortable and dehydrated
because of lack of food and fluid.

“Moreover, in a more critical cases, the infant would experience an epileptic fit,” explains Dzameera.

Usually, suspected babies will be brought to a specialist consultation before being quarantined or isolated to receive home care, as to prevent the disease from infecting others.

Vaccination does not limit to measles only, but also many other infectious diseases.

The compulsory vaccine shots that should be given to children are Bacillus Calmette-Guèrin or BCG to prevent tuberculosis (TB), Dtap-IPV for protection against diphteria and hepatitis B.

Though vaccinations are required to ensure the children are in their top form, there are still some parents that refuse to provide immunizations for their children because of various issues.

Therefore, whenever such situation arises, parents will be advised by the health clinic on the
importance of vaccinations for their children, says Dzameera.

“If parents are still firm in their stand, we will refer to the doctor to organize a counselling session to persuade them to provide proper immunization to their children,” adds Dzameera.

It is in the parents hands to ensure their children gets  immunization and MMR as it is safe.

If your children are exposed to an individual who are infected by measles and have not yet received immunization, please take them to see the doctor.

By providing vaccines at a certain time period, your children may be safe from dangerous infectious diseases such as this. #LENGKAPKANIMUNISASI #JANGANLUPACUCUK -MYNEWSHUB.CC

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