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Look Slimmer Instantly With These 5 Key Pieces From Your Wardrobe

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Let’s face it, we’re all trying to lose a few pounds, or at least look slimmer in what we wear. While there is no diet out there that will help you shed 10lbs. in a weekend (well, no healthy diets), there are plenty of accessories options that can make you look instantly slimmer. Think you have to commit to a black only wardrobe or a potato sack? Think again.

1. Shoes that match your skin tone

Wearing shoes that match your skin tone will make your legs look longer. The longer a body part appears the slimmer it will look. If you are short, have heavy legs, or thick calves and ankles, shoes like this will work. Wearing pants or dark tights? Make sure you match the color of your shoes or stockings you are wearing for similar slimming benefits. If you have heavy legs, or large calves and ankles, another tip is to avoid ankle straps. Horizontal lines create a look of width and heaviness.

2. Longer Necklaces

If you have a short neck, creating length through longer necklaces will work better than short chokers or chunky bib styles which will just emphasize your shorter neck, make it look shorter and potentially heavier. If you have a large chest and a short neck, choose long necklaces in finer styles that will lay on the bust line more delicately. Get more tips for choosing necklace lengths, here. These tips also apply to scarves. If you have a short neck and want to look longer and slimmer, don’t heavily wind a scarf around your neck.

3. Larger bracelets

If your arms are heavy, instead of dainty bracelets or tight ones that will just emphasize your large arms, choose larger, more statement styles to make your arms appear smaller by juxtaposing your large arms with something that is chunkier. The same is true for large cocktail rings to make larger fingers look finer and slimmer.

4. Belts

If you have a curvier figure, where you waist is smaller than your hips and bust, don’t waste that waist! Shapeless tops and dresses will just make you look as wide as the larger parts of your body. By cinching the waist with a belt, your beautiful curvy shape is emphasized and you look slimmer and more proportioned. There are so many belt styles to chose from; some that will look good and others that may not be so flattering. Find the right belt shape for your body, here.

5. Larger Handbag

Similar to wearing larger bracelets and rings on large arms and fingers, a larger handbag will make you appear smaller than a smaller one will. If you are petite and plus size, be careful not to carry a bag that is too large, just choose one that isn’t too tiny and you will look slimmer.MYNEWSHUB


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