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LOL! Woman Blows Up Toilet While Trying to Kill a Cockroach

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A YOUNG Taiwanese woman’s efforts to make sure that a cockroach she killed was very dead ended up literally blowing up in her face … as the cockroach took down a toilet with it on its way to the abyss.

According to local reports, the female employee at a clean up firm had just finished cleaning a toilet when she spotted the hardy insect either on the floor or on the wall. Reacting swiftly, she first took the roach down by smashing it with her shoe. Then she wrapped it up in tissue paper and crushed it. Then she set it on fire and finally, tossed the burning roach into the toilet.

There was just one problem with the last move: The toilet had just been cleaned with a mixture of detergents which, together with fire, is a very potent homemade explosive. So when the fiery cockroach was tossed into the toilet bowl, the bomb circuit immediately became closed, resulting in a loud bang that totaled the toilet and shocked the rest of the employees in the room.

According to Shanghaiist, the employees didn’t seem to mind after discovering what caused the explosion. ‘The dwarf has played his little trick. He can only play it once,’ one of them said.


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