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Liow Warns Of Legal Crisis

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KUALA LUMPUR: If the hudud amendment Bill is passed in Parliament, there will be a constitutional crisis, warns MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

There would also be a national crisis, he said on the tabling of the Private Member’s Bill in Parliament by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang yesterday.

“This is very serious. It (hudud) will cause a constitutional crisis. It would ruin the inter-ethnic relationship in the country.

“It is also against the Barisan Nasional spirit,” he said in reference to an obvious collaboration between Umno and PAS in allowing the Bill to be tabled.

The hudud amendment Bill was the last item (15) on yesterday’s Order List but a motion was raised and seconded by Umno MPs to move it up so that it could be tabled.

However, Abdul Hadi requested that voting on the Bill to be deferred to the next parliamentary meeting in October to allow more time for debate as yesterday was the last day of the current meeting.

Liow said that MCA and other Barisan component parties were deeply disappointed that they were not consulted and it appeared that only Umno was in the know.

He described it as an “act of desertion” against other Barisan component parties.

“MCA will discuss this matter with other component parties,” he said.

Many other Barisan component party leaders have also expressed their grave concerns over the possibility of parallel criminal justice systems when Muslims and non-Muslims would be subjected to unequal treatment before the law.

Liow reminded Umno that Barisan was made up of 13 component parties and they had reached a consensus last year to wholly oppose hudud in Parliament.

He stressed that MCA would continue to steadfastly oppose the implementation of hudud laws in the country.

“Secularism on which the Federal Constitution was founded must be protected,” said Liow.

This Bill is seen as a passport to the implementation of hudud laws which could “spread” from Kelantan to the other states.

If the Bill is passed, it will give the Kelantan government the power to impose hudud punishment in the state.

Liow added that MCA is determined to make sure the Government maintains the existing structure of Malaysia’s legal system, which was designed based on “the spirit and intention of the Federal Constitution”.

“This is to ensure justice for all, regardless of race, religion or background in a secular society,” he said.

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