Lionel Richie Really Was Up All Night Long After Glastonbury

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LIONEL Richie says he wasn’t Dancing on the Ceiling after his Glastonbury performance – he was hanging from it after a 12-hour after-party saw him “raging” until 5am on Monday morning.

Which is pretty good going, given he’s 66.

The Hello singer drew Glastonbury’s biggest crowd, an estimated 100,000, to his set at the Pyramid stage, so he had to throw a wild party to celebrate.

“We were drinking champagne like you hadn’t drunk it before,” he says, admitting he started by downing a vodka and cranberry juice on stage during his 4pm set.

“I wanted to celebrate. This is a master occasion. They said, ‘Down it Lionel’, so I gave them what they want.”

Of the bash at his hotel in London, he adds: “It was just a continuation. Every once in a while you have to just let it go.

“As I say to my kids, some days it’s do as I say, not as I do.

Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?

“We were ­celebrating until the wee hours of the morning. It was about 4.30/5am, I went to bed.

“We were raging. The days of dancing on the ceiling are over – I was hanging off the ceiling after that performance.”

The ex Commodores star says his energetic set was on doctor’s orders. He was told to “get lots of exercise” after a hip replacement.

But even fit-as-a-fiddle Lionel couldn’t ward off selfie-hungry fans, who hounded him off the site.

“I had to do a hasty retreat. I instantly became the selfie face of choice. Everybody that had a cell phone was showing up.

“I had to say, ‘It’s time to go, guys’.

“It was a full-on assault from the audience then an attack from the rear in the dressing rooms.”

But he did meet the Dalai Lama. “It was a brief encounter, but he said, ‘I’d love to spend more time together.’ I said, ‘Of course, we’ll make that happen’.”

Lionel had packed well for Glasto. “I brought wellies, wading boots, half way up the thigh, and waist wading for fly fishing.

“I wasn’t sure how deep the mud was going to be. I brought rope in case I needed to be pulled out.” – Mirror