Latest ‘The Girl On The Train’ Trailer Previews Emily Blunt

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A SECOND trailer has now been unveiled for the big screen adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ book The Girl on the Train. This latest trailer focuses on the central character, Rachel, a depressed alcoholic played by Emily Blunt.

Universal released the first footage from its psychological thriller, due to land in theatres this fall, in a trailer video back in April. This centred on the character, Megan, a woman who mysteriously disappears.

This time, Emily Blunt and her self-destructive character are the focus of the trailer. Thirty-something divorcee Rachel thinks she can help with the investigation into the disappearance of Megan, a young woman she has been compulsively watching on her train journey each morning, and who outwardly appears to live a perfect life with her husband. But is Rachel really such a reliable witness? Suffering from depression and drinking heavily since her divorce, Rachel’s alcohol-fuelled antics lead to blackouts that play havoc with her memory.

A “Gone Girl”-style thriller

With a dark plot full of suspense, anxiety and twists, peppered with marriage breakdowns, infidelity and betrayal, The Girl on the Train has plenty in common with the Gillian Flynn book and its 2014 movie adaptation from David Fincher. Both films were also treated to a star cast.

Emily Blunt is joined by Justin Theroux in the role of Tom, Rachel’s ex-husband embarking on a new life with Anna, played by Rebecca Ferguson. Anna is a central character in the story, joining Rachel and Megan as one of its narrators.

Megan is played by Haley Bennett, Luke Evans takes the role of her husband Scott, and her lover and therapist, Kamal Abdic, is played by Edgar Ramirez. Laura Prepon (Orange is the New Black) completes the line-up as Cathy, the friend Rachel has been living with since her divorce.

The Girl on the Train is directed by Tate Taylor (The Help).