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Landslide Incidents In Karak From 1985 Till 2015

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KUALA LUMPUR: The following are landslide incidents reported along the Karak Highway since 1985 until 2015.

1977: Opened to traffic and has two toll plazas located in Gombak, Selangor and Bentong in Pahang.

1985: On November 23, a landslide occurred in Km 33 causing the route to be closed.

1987: On December 14, an express bus was hit by lanslide in Km 35 causing it to crash into a steel barrier on the edge of a ravine. All 44 people inside the bus survived.

1990: On December 20, a landslide at Km36 and the route was closed due to flood waters of up to one metre.

1991: On November 11, a massive landslide occurred at Km 47.3. Large boulders tumbled across the road causing the highway to be closed for two days. No one was hurt.

1993: On November 23, a landslide occurred at Km25.2 after heavy rains. Communications between Kuala Lumpur and the east coast was almost cut off. There was no report of any casualties.

1993: On November 28, a landslide at Km 63 killed two motorcyclists.

1995: On June 30, a landslide incident occurred about 200 metres from the Karak junction on slippery road leading to Genting Highland during heavy rain. Twenty-one people were killed and 23 others injured. Various types of vehicles were involved.

2003: On August 28, a 50-metre high hillslope near Bukit Tinggi collapsed, causing a traffic jam that lasted for five hours from Bentong to Kuala Lumpur. There was no casualties.

2004: On November 1, a similar incident occurred at Km 52 near Bukit Tinggi, Bentong following heavy rain that lasted for three hours. No casualties were reported.

2004: On November 3, a minor landslide at Km53.3 occurred at about 9 pm in the evening. No casualties were reported.

2015: On November 11, a landslide at Km 52.4 occurred near Lentang-Bukit Tinggi and caused the route to be closed. No injuries were reported.


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