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Kylie Jenner: Bullying Made Me ‘Lose’ Myself

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KYLIE Jenner has “lost a part” of herself through bullying. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has claimed she “sometimes can’t take” the harsh words people say, leading her to “breakdown, hide and cry”.

She admitted: “People are so quick to say horrible things about me everyday over and over and sometimes I can’t take it. Even I at times get affected by it, I breakdown, I hide, I cry.

“It’s resulted in a lot of anxiety for me that I’ve never had to deal with before ever. My every move has been documented for the whole world and its been a nightmare trying to find myself through all of this. And I’ve absolutely lost a part of myself.”

The 18-year-old beauty also shared the inspirational story of Lizzie Velasquez, who suffers from a condition which means she can’t accumulate any body fat.

Writing on Instagram, she shared: “Now 26 years old, Lizzie’s condition was diagnosed last summer. Lizzie suffers from a rare congenital disease that less than 10 people in the world are known to have. The disease impedes her from accumulating body fat; she literally has zero percent body fat and has never weighed more than 64 pounds …

“She’s taking a lifetime full of bullying to help teach the world #IAmMoreThan the names they call me. #ImWithLizzie and Lizzie taught me #IAmMoreThan who I think I am. For me, this is expected it comes with the territory. But Lizzie, you should of not had to go through that. Let’s change this together. I love you Lizzie!” – Bang Media


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