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KR1M Outlets Tops For Prices, Product Quality

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PETALING JAYA – Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak made purchases at a 1Malaysia People’s Shop today and demonstrated that people can make huge savings by patronising the 175 KR1M outlets nationwide.

The Prime Minister bought condensed milk, cordial, chocolate drink, dishwashing liquid and bee hoon (rice noodles) of the KR1M and other brands to compare prices.

“The products of the other brands added up to RM38.60 while the KR1M products totalled RM25.10. The difference (savings) was RM13.50,” he told reporters after making the purchases at the LRT Kelana Jaya KR1M outlet.

In just about 30 minutes, Najib demonstrated that the people could make huge savings by buying products at the KR1M outlets.

He said it was needless for the people to doubt the prices and quality of the KR1M products.

“My walkabout today was to verify this matter, and I was able to do so by purchasing the five products,” he said.

Najib said he was able to demonstrate that the government policy of opening up the KR1M outlets had indeed helped the people to save on costs.

He said the people would be able to save even more if they bought goods in large quantities at these outlets.

“KR1M outlets were set up nationwide to give the people an option; the KR1M products cost less than other brands,” he said. Najib had opened that particular KR1M outlet in June 2011.

The Prime Minister said the government would continue to open more KR1M outlets and upgrade the existing ones from time to time.

“We realise that the cost of living is often cited as an issue the people have to put up with; that’s why the government has opened 175 KR1M outlets nationwide,” he said.

Meanwhile, Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin, managing director of Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad which manages many KR1M outlets, said demand for KR1M products had been rising since 2011 when the outlets began to be set up.

This was because the KR1M products fulfilled the consumers’ need for quality despite being sold at prices lower than other brands, he added.

“The items at this outlet number around 3,000. Of these, 285 are KR1M products that are always in demand and have to be restocked every week,” he said.

Ameer Ali said they had never received any negative feedback from the people on the prices and quality of the KR1M products because the goods on offer provided savings for the people, especially those having to grapple with the cost of living. – BERNAMA


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