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KPDNKK Develops IT System To Restructure RON 95 Subsidy Distribution

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In line with the government’s plan to restructure the distribution of  RON 95, the Ministry of Domestic Trades, Cooperative and Consumerism Ministry will develop an IT system to facilitate the implementation .

The system is scheduled to be held mid next year and set to fork out RM 4 million.

KPDNKK Deputy Secretary (Franchise and Consumer), Datuk Basaruddin Kolar said , the development of IT systems will streamline the distribution of subsidies by income .

According to him, the government is currently evaluating the responses and opinions from the community on the implementation of the system from various angles .

In fact , the ministry also has an alternative plan for the rural communities that do not have Internet access and broadband services.

Recently , the government announced fuel subsidy rationalization scheme will be divided into three levels by income.


Quoting Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah’s Utusan Malaysia statement, people who have an income of RM 5000 a month will continue to enjoy government subsidies.

But for individuals who earn RM 10,000 upwards, the aid will be withdrawn.

“The first level (income less than RM 5000) will continue to enjoy a subsidy of one hundred percent , the second stage of lower to middle income earners are entitled to lesser amount, while those who have an income of RM10,000 will not be subsidized .”

He said, “Its implementation will be based on individual salaries, unlike BR1M which is based on household income.”

This system is currently in the process of a comprehensive review and is scheduled to be carried out from June 2015 onwards.MYNEWSHUB

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