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KJ Plays Alam Flora Worker In Awareness Campaign Clip

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PETALING JAYA: Meet Ahmad Khairy Jamal Udeen Chowdhury from Chittagong, Bangladesh, your regular Alam Flora waste management worker.

But look a little closer and you may recognise a familiar face. Yes, he’s none other than our Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

Donning a reflective vest, trousers, scuffed shirt complete with Alam Flora cap, Khairy is seen holding a broom next to the Alam Flora garbage truck.

Khairy’s getup was not for fun, but to raise awareness on waste separation in a short film.

“Ahmad Khairy Jamal Udeen Chowdhury from Chittagong, Bangladesh will appear in a five-minute short film to raise awareness among the youth on separation of waste, recycling and caring for the environment.

“Ahmad Khairy is impressed with the recycling policy in his adoptive country, Meleishia (sic),” wrote Khairy on his Facebook, seemingly imitating a Bangladeshi accent.

“But before everyone gets confused, this is me in the picture, not Ahmad Khairy from Bangladesh,” he said.

Khairy added that he has full respect for the Alam Flora workers for what they do for a living.

“When we put ourselves in their shoes, then we will only know how important this job is,” he said.

This is not the first time Khairy has showed off his acting skills.

Khairy had previously starred as a taxi driver in Meter, directed by Benji Lim and Bahir Yeusuff for another short film project, 15Malaysia, in 2009.

He had also directed a short film for Ikal Mayang, a project organised by non-profit organisation Women: girls entitled ‘Teguh’ last year.

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