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Kim Jong-Un Might Come Down To Indonesia For First Diplomatic Trip Ever

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Kim Jong-un, the current “supreme leader” of the “Democratic” People’s Republic of Korea (aka North Korea) may be coming to Indonesia this April to attend an international conference being held in Jakarta.

If he did, it would be his first overseas diplomatic mission since he became the leader of the reclusive state in late 2011.

The news of the young dictator’s possible visit to Indonesia comes to us from the Yonhap News Agency, which quoted anonymous South Korean government officials as saying that Kim might be attending the Asian-African Conference, also known as the Bandung Conference, which is being held in Jakarta this year from April 22-23. There will also be an anniversary event in Bandung on April 24.

The Bandung Conference, which first took place in Bandung in 1955, was originally a meeting of newly independent Asian and African states. The conference was an important step toward the Non-Aligned Movement, making it one of Pyongyang’s favored diplomatic venues.

Yonhap reports that Indonesia is expected to invite the leaders of both Koreas to the conference.

Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, DPRK founder Kim Il-sung, attended a 1965 ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the the conference.

“For Kim Jong-un, who models himself after Kim Il-sung, the Bandung meeting will be a noteworthy diplomatic schedule,” Yonhap quoted a government source as saying.

South Korean officials have also said there is also a possibility that Kim will head to Moscow after his trip to Indonesia to attend the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s win in World War II.

If Kim does indeed coming to the Bandung Conference, we’re guessing there’s little chance of “The Interview” screening in Indonesia anytime soon.-Jakarta Coconuts

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