Killing Of Muktadil Brothers May Raise Potential Militant

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KUALA LUMPUR – The killing of the last remaining sibling of the kidnapping for
ransom Muktadil brothers linked to the Abu Sayyaf group has raised the
possibility of a threat from potential emerging militant-linked groups to keep
the crime related terrorism business going, opined a criminologist.

A criminologist at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Dr P. Sundramoorthy,
when contacted by Bernama did not rule out the possibility of new groups, or
associates from the current group, emerging as new threats in an effort to
continue the trade.

“(With the death of the Muktadil brothers) At least one criminal group has
been eliminated. It is a temporary relief for the authorities, but I am sure the
group (Muktadil brothers) has associates in the area to take up their criminal

“In the criminal world, there is always monetary gain, and now this happens
to be a trend in the area,” he added.

He said it was a unique situation for a criminal group, such as the
Muktadil brothers, to be involved with a militant group.

“The Muktadil brothers may have received protection from Abu Sayyaf at the
border area between Sabah and the Philippines, in terms of alerting them
on the (presence of) authorities while conducting the kidnappings with the
ransom money collected shared among them,” he said.

Asked whether the killing of the Muktadil brothers would help secure the
release of the five Malaysian sailors kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf gunmen in the
Lahad Datu waters last July 18, Sundramoorthy said there were several

“To avoid being caught, the hostages may be released by the militants, or
they may leave a trail for the authorities to discover the hostages,” he added.

A statement issued by the Philippines embassy in Malaysia said that Nixon
and Brown Muktadil were killed by the Joint Task Force Sulu soldiers on Sept 27
in Tambulian Island when the armed duo resisted arrest.

It said the Muktadil brothers were involved in a series of kidnappings
involving 26 Malaysians and Indonesians at the high seas of the boundaries of
Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

“Another brother, Mindas, was killed in a shootout with law enforcement
officials in Jolo, Sulu, in May last year. The other brother, Khadafy Muktadil,
was arrested in November last year, also in Jolo, and is currently in jail,” the
statement further said.

In a report today, Badong Muktadil, the last of the six brothers, was found
dead in a pump boat near Siasi Island after fleeing Philippines military
operations which began on Sept 27.

The group was reported to have worked alongside key Abu Sayyaf gang leaders,
such as Alhabsi Misaya and Indang Susukan, who are also on the run.