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Khairy Sets The Pace For A Fiery Debate

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Umno Youth set the pace for the party three wings annual general assembky (AGM) when he called on the non-Malays to own up to their end of the bargain on the social contract.

Khairy Jamaluddin did not only asked then the motive for questioning the position of Malays, palace and religion, he also question why there were still among them who could not even speak the national language well.

The Umno youth president had touched the thorny issues in his policy speech in the movement assembly as the prelude to the party assembly tomorrow where the party is set to chart a new path to stay relevant in the next general election.

Umno has been quite silent towards voices questioning the social contract and the special position of Malays since the last general election when Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN) won with a slim majority and lost three states.

The situation created a perception that Umno in particular the youth wing are being too passive and fearful of the oppositions.

The worse perception is that Umno fears losing the Chinese votes who the BN had already lost in last year’s general election which the ruling coalition tries to get back.

Umno youth has been the punching bag for the existence of such situation as the movement has been seen as being ‘non functioning’ in defending the party’s honour.

While the perception hangs on Khairy’s head as the movement leader, today he came out ‘in anger’ defending the youth’s honour and at the same time outlined the movement’s path.

Calling for the non-Malays to honour the pledges of their ancestors when they were granted citizenship, Khairy said the Malays were not demanding theyngave up what they already had, but just fulfil what they haf agreed on.

He also ticked off those who who had poor command of Bahasa Malaysia as the national language despite efforts to promote national integration over the years.

The Youth and Sports Minister also called on movement members to be courageous and stand up against senior party membees who stood in the way of the party rejuvenation process.

Members of the youth wing have been at a crossroad as they attempt to blend with party stalwarts and veterans who subtly and stubbornly kept a distance to maintain their positions in the party leadership at all levels.

Khairy had been open and honest about the feelings of young party members as well as those non-party members who supported Umno and giewed Umno in its entirety.

Wanita movement on the other hand stressed on the need to retain the Sedition Act, echoing party deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s view to protect the Malays and keep unity and harmony.

The focus of Khaiy’s speech and the debate that followed are expected to gain momentum tomorrow when delegates from 198 party divisions meet to debate and adopt resolutions that chart Umno’s future path.MYNEWSHUB


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