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KFC Korea Unveils Burger Inception, The Zinger Double Down King!

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Why go carb-free when you can load up on protein?

Presumably targeted towards the gluten-concious, KFC Korea has concocted a cholesterol-inducing creation that will appeal to your inner carnivore.

Behold,  the Zinger Double Down King. The burger has dispensed with that bread sandwich nonsense, replacing the traditional bun with two pieces of fried chicken.

Between those pillows of fried chicken sits a beef patty, topped with slices of bacon and cheese, and finished with BBQ sauce and mayonnaise. We got a heart attack just looking at it.

The Zinger Double Down King, now with two kinds of meat.Mmmm!

This new offering is a descendant of KFC’s Double Down, which also featured fried chicken ‘buns’, bacon and cheese, but no beef patty.

While the Double Down made waves and flew off  the heating racks, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting the Double Down King any time soon either.

Or, you could buy two Zinger burgers and a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder to create your won, but that would require too much time and effort.MYNEWSHUB



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